Transitions 1 Adding points while discussing education

Teacher writing on a blackboard
A teacher writes on the blackboard

This lesson will focus on adding points naturally, using a variety of expressions. The topic we will discuss is education. 


In this lesson, we are going to work on using different phrases to add points, give further examples or make short lists. 

Warm Up: 

Did you go to university? What did you study? Why did you choose that? Try to think of at least three reasons.


Please consider each transition phrase. Your instructor has an example and a question regarding each one. Remember, the goal is to smoothly use the transition phrase, not to give a long answer.  

  1. [Point A, and B.] Furthermore, [point C]. — This adds another item to a list of points.
  2. [Full sentence], and what's more, [full sentence]. — This emphasizes both points.
  3. [Full sentence], and on top of that, [full sentence]. — This also emphasizes both points. 
  4. In addition to being [adjective]it is/was also [adjective]. — This prepares the listener for another adjective after the first one is stated. 
  5. [Subject] is not only [adjective], but also [adjective]. — This prepares the listener for two adjectives that don't necessarily go together.

Now that you've had some practice using these phrases, try to answer some more questions. Use as many of the above phrases as you can.