Speaking Test Strategies 18 Adding roll-on effects

Go deep into the reasoning

This lesson will focus on adding as many effects as possible to a piece of evidence, doing this will help you make a logical link between evidence and outcomes. 


During your speaking test, you can be creative when it comes to the effects of your evidence.

Imagine a young student asks, "Why should I study hard?" You might respond by saying:

If you study hard now, then you'll do well on your tests, and you'll likely get into a good university. Then a good education will lead to a good job, and a good job will help you lead a rich, happy life. That's why you should study hard!  

Warm Up: 

Discuss this question with your teacher: 

How many possible benefits can you think of about living near nature? 


Start with a quick practice making sentences using if. Your instructor will guide you through a short exercise called, What will happen if...

Now that you are comfortable using if, try using as many roll-on effects as possible to smoothly answer the question about nature from the warm up.


Try these abstract questions, and make sure to use "if" at least twice in every question. 

  1. Does globalisation have a positive or negative impact for most people?
  2. How do you overcome cultural differences in a business scenario?
  3. In what ways will autonomous technology affect business in the future?