Speaking Test Strategies 15 Review of advanced argumentation

Take a look back

In this review lesson you will try using the argumentation strategies from the previous four units. 


We are going to take a look back at the previous four units. You will get a chance to practice using counterarguments, vivid examples, layering reasoning and compelling facts. 

Warm Up: 

Recall the previous four lessons. Which was the easiest? Which was the most difficult? 


We will review each of the skills you practiced. 

1. Please give a balanced answer with a counterargument:

  • Do you think the current government is doing a good job?

2. Please give an answer with a vivid example or anecdote: 

  • Was your hometown a good place to grow up?

3. Please give an answer with deep reasoning: 

  • Why would a client choose to use your company over a less expensive competitor? 

4. Please give an answer with compelling facts: 

  • Why did you choose to join your present company?