Speaking Test Strategies 6 How to fake fluency

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Maintain a smooth flow.

This is the beginning of the section of the course about fluency. You will understand what fluency is and learn practical ways to improve it. This lesson is an overview, and it offers quick wins and simple strategies you can use right away.


What is fluency? How important is it to your speaking test?

Warm Up: 

Try some speaking test questions. Focus on speaking fluently—don't worry too much about speaking accurately. 


Here are five basic strategies to improve fluency. Discuss them with your teacher, and practice each one: 

  1. Respond immediately.
  2. Confirm by repeating a key word or phrase.
  3. Use fillers.
  4. Slow down.
  5. Say what you can.

Now, let's go through some more questions. Practice answering fluently.