Speaking Test Strategies 25 Review of delivery & quick wins

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What have you learned?

This is a review of the final 4 lessons in this course, covering delivery and quick wins.


In this final review lesson, you will recall the previous four lessons and have the chance to practice each of the skills one more time.

Warm Up: 

Recall the previous four lessons. Which was the easiest? Which was the most difficult?


Use the skills you learned in each lesson to answer the questions.

STS 21 Using gestures and body language

What kind of gestures and body language did you learn? Gestures for:

  1. thinking time at the beginning of the question (the cheek tap, chin scratch, lean back, or look up and frown);
  2. emphasis on your key point (make eye contact and use strong gestures);
  3. showing uncertainty (the shrug, or using open hands);
  4. making an analogy (gesture to one side, then the other); and
  5. counting (count up, starting with your index finger or thumb). 


Describe the best party you have been to.


STS 22 Idioms and natural expressions

Here are two of the easiest to use. If you want more practice, review lesson 22

  1. Well, off the top of my head, I'd say…
  2. In a nutshell…


In an "ideal" world, would everybody work, or nobody work?


STS 23 Sophisticated intonation

Two patterns were practiced: 

  1. Making a list with rising and falling tones, e.g.,
    • "Food in Paris is amazing, and there's a lot of variety. You can find good Chinese↗, Italian↗, Indian↗, and of course French↘."
  2. Comparing positives and negatives by stressing the auxiliary verb, e.g.,
    • "My hometown might not be cheap, but it is a fun city!" 


What is the most amazing thing about the human brain?


STS 24 Sophisticated grammar patterns 

Two patterns were practiced : 

  1. The future perfect continuous, e.g., "Next year, I will have been working for my company for 5 years."
  2. The third conditional: "If I hadn't taken lessons here, I wouldn't have met you!"


Some people think that facing challenges improves a person. Do you agree or disagree?