The Lawyer's English Language Coursebook (Third Edition)

Legal English is very different from general English. It uses words and grammatical structures that aren’t common in everyday English. The Lawyer’s English Language Coursebook is written for legal professionals, providing material to study this language effectively and efficiently. If you need to use legal language in your job, this is the course for you.

This textbook is also a complete course of preparation for the TOLES Foundation and Higher exams in legal English.

The course covers:

  • the legal profession;
  • the language of banking;
  • the language of contract law;
  • the language of employment law;
  • the language of the law of tort;
  • understanding contracts;
  • the language of business and commercial law;
  • the language of letter writing; and
  • the language of company law.

There are many examples and scenarios throughout the course that you will be familiar with; however, this will provide the language and structure that you need in order to understand them in English.

Time to complete

50 hours / 100 classes
75 hours / 150 classes