Orientation Intermediate and above 5: Improve every day

This lesson uses the skills you learned in the previous four lessons to show you how to grow your English every day.


Review the learning ideas from previous lessons. Your teacher has a question about each one.

  1. Choosing good learning material.
  2. Active learning, active understanding.
  3. From understanding to using.
  4. From using to mastering language.
Warm Up: 

Now, review the language topics from previous lessons.

  1. Practical English.
  2. Fluent speech.
  3. Good grammar.
  4. Growing your vocabulary.

For you, which is a strong point? Which is a weak point?

  1. Discuss your strong and weak points.
  2. Discuss your goals.
  3. With your teacher, find the right course.

If you choose a course with a paper copy, your teacher will make a book order. All the information you need will be in an email.


Learning plan

  • How can you improve every day?
  • With your teacher, make a learning plan. 


    Find daily English input. Build your study routine.

    If you'd like writing homework, ask your teacher for it.

    If you don't have a skills assessment, your teacher will do one.