Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Matter

This is a conversation class based on a scientific video. This video is about quantum mechanics. This field of study is quite advanced, so don't worry about understanding every detail in the video! There are a lot of things you can talk about with your teacher as the video provides great visuals!


Watch the short video before class (five minutes). Make any notes on any language you don't understand. It is OK if you don't understand all of the science! Note that you can turn the subtitles on via the "settings" button.

This is a good discussion topic, because not everything in quantum mechanics has an answer or is understood, so you can share your opinion with your teacher!

Warm Up: 

Have you heard of quantum mechanics (also known as "quantum physics" or "quantum theory") before? Tell your teacher. 

After watching the video, what does the double slit experiment tell us?


Work through the following tasks with your teacher.

Language check

Do you have any questions about the language used?


What is the video about? Use natural conversational English, like:  "I saw this interesting video yesterday..."


Answer these questions:

  1. What happens when marbles are shot at the slit(s) in the wall?
  2. What happens when electrons are shot at the slit(s) in the wall?

Try to put this sentence in other words:

"The very act of measuring (or observing) which slit it went through, meant it only went through one, not both."


Do you think the following conclusion can be made?

Things only exist because we observe them. Otherwise they only exist as a probability. We create the universe by observing it.

Discuss this topic with your teacher.