Business English for Consultants

This is a comprehensive course for anyone planning to use English in the consulting industry. It is built for intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced speakers.

Stage One

The first stage covers all the practical day-to-day skills you need to make a good impression, maintain a strong working relationship, and build your network with both colleagues and clients. These lessons are vital because while you may have studied these topics before, you have likely not updated your language for the consulting workplace. As a consultant, you do not only have to get your point across in English, you have to be impressive enough to build trust.

The skills you will learn include: 

  1. meeting colleagues on a new team with strong introductions and follow-up questions, 
  2. setting meetings and making plans,
  3. being professional when you apologize, invite, offer and thank clients and colleagues,
  4. communicating on the telephone and over email,
  5. describing how your tasks and project are progressing, and
  6. giving and receiving both spoken and written feedback.

Stage Two

In development—coming mid 2020

The second stage will take you through the general stages of a project: discovery, analysis and solutions, reporting to clients, making recommendations, and finally, implementation.

Some topics to be covered include: 

  • asking questions in the discovery phase,
  • defining the project scope,
  • creating a deck,
  • crystallizing your findings, 
  • being an active participant in a meeting, and 
  • concluding powerfully.

Stage 3 

In development

The third stage will use real-world case studies and business examples to help you in a wide variety of consulting situations, including negotiations, presentations, dealing with pushback, and succeeding with international projects. 

Time to complete

30 lessons (for Stage One)
90 lessons (for Stage One)