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December 25, 2023
About me: 

I lived in Japan for the past 12 years and only just moved back to Australia to be with family. I taught at Elementary School,  Junior High School and High School, as well as at Eikawas while I lived in Japan. I now live in Perth, Western Australia with my wife and son. It's very different here from Japan. I'm afraid I've become to accustomed to Japanese life. I speak English and conversational Japanese. When I have a chance, I enjoy watching movies, chatting with friends, drawing and working out at the gym.

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Nova, Osaka - Ochanoma online lessons, one-to-one or groups, 2006-2007

Nova, Fujisawa - man to man, group, children's classes, 2007-2008

Gaba, Shin Yurigaoka - one to one lessons, 2008

Interac/Maxceed, Sagamihara - Assistant Language Teacher, 2008 -2018

AEL or American Eikawa Lounge - one to one lessons, 2018

Teaching focus: 

I try to help my students feels as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  I have over a decade of experience teaching one-on-one. I can teach all levels, but I specialize in beginner or intermediate. Much of my focus while teaching business was to get the grammar basics down and then introduce alternative, more polite ways of speaking. My aim is to help students incorporate grammar points and target language into realistic, everyday situations so that my students perform highly in speaking tests, meetings, training and real life.

Professional experience: 

•  Taught English to Japanese speaking students aged 7 to 18 in classrooms of up to 40 students

• Prepared lesson plans and games using my own materials and personalized worksheets

• Focused on providing opportunity for the students to use the language they had learned from prior lessons in a fun and positive atmosphere

• Taught one to one lessons at both Eikawa and cafe. Students  ranged from beginner to advanced.

• Eikawa lessons were pre-planned by the schools and focused on anything from Business English to conversational English as well as preparation for EIKEN, TOEFL.

• Private lessons were taught in cafes and based around my own materials or materials provided by the students themselves. Levels ranged from beginner to advanced. Taught Business English, Conversational English and open conversation based lessons.


Curtin University of Technology

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design

Perth Central TAFE

Cert 4 + Diploma + Advanced Diploma Graphic Design

Australian Institute of Personal Training

Certificate III in personal Training

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Japanese (日本語)