Writing sentences is a good way to work on your English.

To make it easier for you to do homework, we have created a system on The English Farm for you to write homework for your teacher. Your teacher will check it, and then you can review the corrections.

Homework example

Checked homework looks like this:

With a homework check you get:

  1. grade from the teacher (this follows the G.B.C. scoring system);
  2. clean copy (shown at the top);
  3. A side-by-side comparison of your writing with the teacher's version (with edits); and,
  4. The chance to discuss the changes with your teacher in the comments. If anything is unclear, you can talk to your teacher in class, or you can comment on your homework and we will reply to help you understand the changes.

 Key points

Here's what you need to know.

  • To use the homework service, you need to earn homework points. You can see how many homework points you have on MY PAGE.

  • You get homework points by taking classes. Each class is worth one homework point, so you get two points for a double class.
  • One homework point can be used to check 1000 characters of writing.
  • You do not have to do the task your teacher gives you, but it is recommended.
  • If you want to write freely on any topic without a limit, then we recommend our sister site: Poligo English correction service.

How to get homework checked

If you want your teacher to check your homework, go to any one of your lesson records and look for the blue "DO HOMEWORK" button.

Click that button, and you will go to a screen where you can write your homework.

You will also find a "DO HOMEWORK" button on your homepage. Use this button to submit any homework topic you would like corrected. You can choose any teacher you'd like to correct it.

When you have finished writing, you can save your writing as a draft, or you can save and send it to be checked. When the teacher finishes, you will get a message that says your homework is ready for you to review. You can then reply and discuss the corrections with your teacher if you need to.

We hope that you will use this service to work on your English between classes. You can write to improve your grammar and vocabulary, or practice your speaking test answers. You can also practice the things you learn in your lesson. It's a great chance to communicate with your teacher by discussing your writing or asking questions about it in the comments, and you can improve your English skills every day.