Sticking with it

Alt Text: A winning black chess piece and a fallen white chess piece
“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” —John Maxwell

Successful students are the ones who don't let a disappointing test score stand in their way. We've all received a score at one time or another that we weren't thrilled about. 

This is when we ask ourselves: Do I take this as a failure or as a chance to learn? Do I give up or try harder?

Language point:

The quote, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” sounds very similar to the famous quote “You win some, you lose some,” but the message is entirely different.  

Has anyone ever told you that things aren’t always “black and white”?  This means that not everything has to be win or lose, right or wrong, black or white. Using contrasts like this is a very effective presenting technique.

We teachers at The English Farm aren’t just here to help you get that perfect test score. We’re here to help you learn the English you need to accomplish your goals. Do you want to work with global partners? Get your MBA overseas?  

If you stick with it, here is what we know to be true: Sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll learn, but ultimately, you will succeed.