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  • 25-minute classes for busy people
  • Business communication coaching
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Professional standards

Our teachers are all experienced professionals and native speakers who focus on your needs to give you the most organized and efficient English-learning experience. Our responsive support team will ensure you maximize your time and get the most from your classes.

Structured learning

We take teaching seriously. And learning a language correctly is a complex process. Our system is organized for maximum impact and efficiency. Our teachers will give you lots of great, personalised feedback every lesson to develop your English more effectively.

Flexible system

Learn any time of day from wherever you want. Our price plans are flexible and so is our schedule. Lessons are only 25 minutes, so you can fit them into your busy day. If you have more time, you can book extra sessions. You can also choose what you want to study from our great range of courses.

About us

The English Farm is an online school specialising in business English. Professional English teachers teach 25-minute lessons on Skype. Our lesson materials are carefully chosen textbooks from leading publishers and cover a wide range of levels and needs.

Our staff

The English Farm is a group of experienced English teachersIT people and an educational writer. We are New Zealanders, Japanese, Canadians, Americans and Australians. Our teachers are all pros, and have a broad range of work and teaching experience.

How to start

First join The English Farm. You'll need to give us a little information so we know how to help you. You'll get a free lesson point when you join to schedule a trial class. We'll assess your English skills too. If you have any questions, send us a message.


Lessons cost ¥2,500 for 25 minutes or less if you buy a package. Textbooks cost ¥3,000 – ¥5,000 depending on the course you choose. Our system is flexible and your lesson points never expire. Start any time, take lessons when it suits you or take a break if you need one.

Meet some of our teachers

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    AU Australia
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    NZ New Zealand
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    CA Canada
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    CA Canada
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    US United States
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    CA Canada

Our courses

Maximise your score on your next speaking test and learn skills for professional communication.

Avoid logical mistakes to make stronger arguments in work, tests and conversations.

Practice questions and learn strategies to get your best possible G.B.C. score

Our business conversation classes cover news, politics, economics and more. Learn about the world of business in English.

Special advanced courses to focus on your business area: IT, finance or the law.

General English and conversation courses to help you express yourself and prepare for English exams.

Courses perfect for developing your ability in specific areas important to your work.

Master English grammar from the beginner to advanced level. Ideal for test-takers and those with high goals.

Intermediate and advanced courses in general business vocabulary. Essential for all professionals.

A must for every student. Perfect your accent and your delivery with one-on-one feedback.

A general business English course for all levels. Learn the skills you need for global business.

Student feedback

Working overseas

"At Toyota, few employees are assigned to work overseas within two years of starting. Thanks to The English Farm, I have been assigned to work in Europe just two years out of university!"


Have fun learning

English Farm lessons are based on all kinds of different subjects—like business, cars, entertainment and so on—so learning English is fun.  And because the teachers adapt to my requests, being able to have lessons that aren't always so strict is great too.


Super useful!

The teachers on The English Farm are really diligent, pointing out even the smallest mistakes and correcting them for me. Of course, to do that well, they make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. Another thing is that the feedback they send you after the lesson is super useful when you are reviewing.


Fair and Flexbile Prices

    • 1

    • ¥2,500

      • Pay as you go
      • 1 class
      • 25 minutes
    • 5

    • ¥12,475

      • Valid for 180 days
      • 5 classes
      • 125 minutes
    • 10

    • ¥24,900

      • Valid for 180 days
      • 10 classes
      • 250 minutes
    • 20

    • ¥49,600

      • Valid for 180 days
      • 20 classes
      • 500 minutes

Prices do not include sales tax.

No hidden fees

  • Pay for your class and a textbook. That's all. There are no other fees
  • Your lesson point will expire in 180 days.

Instant payment system

Pay quickly and easily online, so you can start using The English Farm immediately. The English Farm uses Paypal, the world's number one online payment system. It is safe and secure. Through Paypal, you can pay online by credit card or your bank account. It takes only a few minutes, and your lesson points are automatically added to your English Farm account.

Payment by bank deposit is also available for customers in Japan. Special conditions apply.

Join to receive a free 25-minute class, and get an English skills assessment.

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