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Easy start guide

Tell us about yourself so we can understand your goals.

2Set up
Download and install Skype for free. Contact us if you need help!

Try a 25-minute class and get a free English skills assessment.

1. Join the English Farm

  1. Create an account on this website. This will give you access to our lesson content, your lesson records and the booking system. You will also get a free lesson point when you join to book your skills assessment.
  2. When you sign up, please fill in your profile in English (so all our teachers can read and understand it). It just takes a few minutes. Tell us about your situation and why you are learning English, so we can better help you achieve your language goals.
  3. If you don't have questions about The English Farm, and you already have Skype installed, you can go to step 3 below, and book your skills assessment yourself.

2. Set up your computer

  1. Download and install Skype:
    - If your computer is very old, we are sorry, but you cannot use Skype;
    - If you do not install Skype, you cannot learn with The English Farm;
    - To use Skype, you may need to buy a headset. We also recommend that you get a web camera. You can have lessons without video if you want to, but it’s better if you can see your teacher and your teacher can see you. If your computer has a microphone and camera built in, you can use those.
  2. Set up Skype to make sure you can connect with your teacher and to protect your privacy.
  3. Test your sound (and camera).

3. Book your free lesson

  1. If you need help or have questions about our system, please email us or use our contact form
  2. Book your free trial lesson through this website using your free lesson point.

4. Take a free lesson and get an English skills assessment

  1. Make sure your sound (and camera) are working OK;
  2. Your teacher will make contact with you before the class via Skype. You can also add your teacher to Skype as a contact. You will find Skype details listed for all teachers on their profiles.
  3. Call your teacher and try a lesson. During the class, we will check your level and get more information about your situation.
  4. We'll create a report on your English skills with lots of feedback and advice. We may also recommend a book for you to buy.

5. Start classes

  1. Buy some lesson points through our booking system. If you and your teacher decide to use a textbook, then you will need to buy that, as well. You'll find links on the course pages to buy the books via Amazon in Japan or the USA.
  2. Book your first class.
  3. Check your sound (and camera);
  4. Connect with your teacher when you are ready;
  5. Take your lessons!
  6. Check your feedback and lesson report on your homepage after the class to review and improve.