What would you save from Earth?

I once had a dream where the Earth was collapsing and we all had to hurry to get on a rocket ship to take us to another planet. There wasn't very much space on the ship, so we each could only bring 5 things (not including people or animals) with us. I remember choosing Beethoven's music, but I don't remember the other 4 things.

I often think about that dream and try to decide what I would choose now. Beethoven's music still makes the cut! What 5 things would you bring?

What are the 5 most important things on Earth that should be saved if the planet were to collapse? Explain your choices. Do Homework
What things do you think we should NOT bring with us? Do Homework
Discuss the real possibilities of this dream coming true. Might the Earth collapse? Could we live on other planets? Do Homework
Describe a dream you've had that you still think about years later. Do Homework