Ways of developing workers' skills

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It is not a secret that our world is constantly changing, business strategies are continually developing, and technologies are evolving. So how can your employees keep up with all new knowledge and skills? Here are the ways a few big businesses are doing that:

School for employees at DBS bank 

DBS Bank, a multinational company with headquarters in Singapore, ensures that all 26,000 employees are encouraged to keep learning, no matter their age or seniority. 

DBS launched the “Back to School” program. It is a week-long program full of classes that employees teach. The decision not to hire professional teachers was based on research. It showed that people want to learn from their colleagues.

In addition to “Back to School”, the company launched a program that gives the employees a chance to do a different job. For example, a project manager can become a salesperson for a period of time and develop a very different set of skills.

Agility Olympics at State Street

This company with 40,000 employees compared developing staffs’ skills to the Olympics. State Street focuses on agile transformation. It created three “agile maturity” levels that employees can get: bronze, silver, and platinum. The employees who participate in the competition develop their skills and achieve satisfaction and recognition.

The chief agilest Natalie Vinitsky says they “make it a little bit harder every year”. “Think about the Olympic Games that happen every couple years. It definitely shows managers and even team members where they are and how to progress and how to continuously improve.”

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