Wage increase in Japan

Big companies in Japan are giving their workers the pay raises they asked for. Some companies are even giving more than what was asked. 

Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda, among others, agreed to give raises. Those in the retail and food service are also increasing wages. However, it's still not clear if small and midsize companies will follow suit.

Because wages were low, people were saving more and spending less. Now that many will be receiving a pay raise, it's expected that people will start spending more.

Why are companies giving raises now? Do Homework
How will these raises affect the economy? Do Homework
In your opinion, will small and midsize companies also give raises? Why or why not? Do Homework
Would you advise people to spend or save more when they get a pay raise? Why? Do Homework
If you could implement any changes in your economic policy, what would you change? Do Homework