Visuals: The world gets better

The Conversation, a publication that promotes academic debate, posits that not only do many people across advanced economies have no idea that the world is becoming a much better place, but they actually think the opposite. This is no wonder, when the news focuses on reporting catastrophes, terrorist attacks, wars and famines. These subjects simply make for more exciting coverage than stories about how more than 300,000 people a day get access to electricity and clean water for the first time.

The Conversation states that globalization has helped lift hundreds of millions of people above the global poverty line.

Take a look at the three graphs below and discuss their meaning with your teacher.

Take a look at the graphs. What do they show? Present them to your teacher. Do Homework
How has income distribution changed between 1800 and 2015? Do Homework
Which continents have made the most gains since 1975? Which have made the least? Do Homework