Visuals: Children's dream jobs

Adecco, a Japanese company providing human resource services, conducted a national survey asking 900 elementary and junior high school boys and girls what job they wanted to do when they grew up. Many children showed an interest in jobs that involve digital technology, which is no surprise since they have been surrounded by the technology since birth.

The detailed results of the survey are shown below.

elementary [adjective] /el-uh-MEN-tuh-ree/—simple or early stages of studying

Are there any differences or similarities between the choices that girls and boys made in the survey? Edit Homework
Did children's job choices change with age according to the survey? If so, what do you think caused these changes? Edit Homework
What job did you want to do when you were a child? Why? Edit Homework
Will the jobs that people do in future be different to those that are done today? Edit Homework