Video: Portals link the world

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A public art installation makes it possible for people far apart to interact with each other. It links the cities of Vilnius, Lithuania, and Lublin, Poland, which are 376 miles (605 km) apart. The ongoing project, "Portal—a Bridge to the United Planet", consists of huge orbs with cameras that transmit real-time video between them. So before you hop on your commuter train in the morning, you can greet commuters and other passersby in the other city. 

The goal of the project is to create a bridge between people across geographical, national, and cultural boundaries. Benediktas Gylys, who designed and funds the project, puts it like this, "Every day there is less room left for dialogue, empathy, and compassion, for feeling and being united in our home—a tiny spaceship Earth.... It is so easy to believe we are each a wave and forget we are also the ocean."

Watch the short video below and discuss it with your teacher.



Please summarise the public art project in a single sentence. Do Homework
Portals are a common image in science fiction. Why are they so popular? What do you think they represent? Do Homework
In what other ways can humans bridge the distance between us and create unity rather than division? Do Homework