Video: Portals link the world

A public art installation makes it possible for people far apart to interact with each other. The ongoing project, "Portal—a Bridge to the United Planet", aims to create a sense of unity among people in different countries. 

Watch the short video below and listen for the answers to these questions:

  1. When did the project start?

  2. When the news of the portal "instantly went viral", how many people did it reach?

  3. How big is the portal?

  4. How does it work?

  5. Which two countries were connected first?

  6. How many countries do they hope to connect in the future?


Describe how people use the portals. What sorts of things can people do? Do Homework
The purpose of the portal, in the creators' words, is to "transcend this false sense of separation and be the pioneers of a united planet." What do they mean by that? Do you think they will succeed? Do Homework
What might be the disadvantages of a live streaming portal like this? Do Homework
Discuss other ways we could create a sense of unity among people across the world. Do Homework