Singularity will occur by 2047

Singularity—the point when machine intelligence surpasses our own and goes on to improve itself at an exponential rate—will happen by 2050, according to Masayoshi Son, the Japanese tech mogul leading SoftBank.

In 2017 he said: "I totally believe this concept. In the next 30 years, this will become a reality."

Son went on to say that our world will fundamentally change as a result of so-called superintelligences that will be able to learn and think for themselves, TechCrunch reports.

Son added that he expects one computer chip to have the equivalent of a 10,000 IQ within the next 30 years, Bloomberg reported.

Japan's second-richest man went on to highlight how SoftBank plans to invest in the next generation of technology companies that are developing A.I. with a new $100 billion tech fund called the SoftBank Vision Fund. Apple and Qualcomm have contributed to the fund, as has the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia.

"I truly believe it's coming. That's why I'm in a hurry—to aggregate the cash, to invest," said Son. "It will be so much more capable than us—what will be our job? What will be our life? We have to ask philosophical questions. Is it good or bad?"

Son added: "I think this superintelligence is going to be our partner. If we misuse it, it's a risk. If we use it in good spirits, it will be our partner for a better life. So the future can be better predicted, people will live healthier, and so on."

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