Nathan Sawaya: LEGO artist

Nathan Sawaya uses ordinary LEGO bricks to create art. He left a career in law to become a full-time LEGO artist. His show, The Art of the Brick, now tours the world.

Watch this short video about Nathan Sawaya's decision to become a LEGO artist. Listen for the answers to these questions: 

  1. What kind of law did Nathan used to practice?
  2. What city did he live in?
  3. What event(s) made him decide to leave his career as a lawyer and become a full-time LEGO artist?
  4. How many LEGO bricks does he have in his studio?
  5. How long can a life-size human form take to make using LEGO bricks?


At the end of the video, Sawaya says, "You don't have to find one career path. There are many ways to get to where you want to go, even if you don't know where that is right now. You can always change what you are." What are your thoughts on this? Do Homework