The names of groups of animals

In English, there are over a hundred different names for groups of animals. They are called collective nouns. Most of these are not obvious at all.

Common collective nouns are a school of fish and a flock of birds. But let's talk about some lesser-known ones.

You can find a troop of baboons in the jungle and a sleuth of bears in the forest, where a swarm of bees hangs from the branches that will soon be used by a colony of beavers to build a dam.

A flock of birds and a murder of crows fly in the sky, while a cluster of cats chases a mischief of rats.

On the farm, a brood of chickens raises a clutch of chicks. Nearby, a pack of dogs and a band of coyotes chase a herd of buffalo.

In the sea, a pod of whales swim over a bed of oysters while an army of frogs leaps from leaf to leaf above. In the savannah, a pride of lions sleeps while a herd of elephants roam the land.

Click on the link below for some other names for groups of animals. Have you heard any of them before?

Collective Nouns for Animals in the Animal Kingdom

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