Lost cat found after 10 years

A cat named Forbes disappeared in 2011. Its owners were trying to find the cat for months. They made posters and went door-to-door asking about the cat. The cat’s owner said, “We'd had him from when he was a kitten and we had such a special bond. He was such a unique and friendly character, we absolutely adored him.” After almost eight or nine months of constant searching, they lost hope to find Forbes. 

Ten years later, the Scottish SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) found a cat with a microchip. The chip led them to the cat's owners. SPCA called the owners. The owners immediately went to collect their beloved pet. They were very happy to find him, even after 10 years. "At the moment, we are just gradually introducing him to our two dogs and two cats. This is just the best outcome for us.”

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