Japan's nightlife

Businesses in Tokyo are continuing to look for ways to get foreign visitors to spend their time and cash on the capital’s wide-ranging nightlife options. Travel agencies are arranging special events for foreign tourists such as taiko (drum) performances, while some hotels are extending the business hours of their restaurants to allow guests to socialize into the early hours.

In January (2018), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said it planned to survey foreign tourists on what they enjoy about the capital’s nightlife, including restaurants, theaters and sporting events, to better cater to their interests and encourage spending.

But while efforts are being made to boost the “after-hours” economy, the lack of late-night public transport remains a major obstacle for tourists looking to get a taste of what Tokyo has to offer. Unlike some other global cities, which have 24-hour subway lines, Tokyo’s transportation network shuts down every night to allow for maintenance and equipment checks.

In December, a group of Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers proposed an experiment that would have allowed trains and buses to operate into the early hours of the morning, but the idea received a cold response from transport operators.

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