Do you know how to rest?

Our society has taught people to always work hard. People are learning how to be more productive, but they also have the idea that they should always be busy. These people think "busy" and "productive" are the same thing. When these people finally rest, they feel bad. They think they are lazy. They might even work until they break down from tiredness.

American psychotherapist Sarah McLaughlin says 70% of visits to the doctor are because of stress-related issues. She suggests we start taking care of ourselves as much as we try to complete tasks. She says that we need to think more realistically about ourselves, “If this task does not get done today, it does not mean I have failed. It just means that I will get to it tomorrow.” Here are some pieces of advice from two psychotherapists, McLaughlin and Pantha Saidipour, on how to forget about work before resting:

  • Practice acceptance. Remind yourself you are not a robot, and you can’t just keep going perfectly.
  • Allow yourself to rest. Tell yourself that you have worked hard, and you are going to rest now. Take a few deep breaths, focus on them and clear your mind of work.
  • Notice what is around. Notice the chair you are sitting on, the smells, the sounds.
  • Focus on yourself. Think of what gives you pleasure. For example, cooking, reading, or playing sports. Make sure to find time during your week to do these activities.

We certainly all need a break!


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