Changing the role of the police

As Black Lives Matter protests have swept America, one of the many calls has been to change the role of the police. One complaint has been that police officers often use excessive force when subtle methods would be more beneficial. A few specific ideas have been put forward. 

First, specialized nonviolent officers could be trained to deal with nonviolent issues. One simple proposal is for traffic police to be unarmed and trained in resolving conflict on the roads. In America in 2015, 50 million people came into contact with the police. Of them 25 million were pulled over in a car, and another 8 million were involved in a car accident. 

Other ideas include mental health workers to deal with mental health concerns, or community mediators to handle conflict resolution between people who live in the same community. A further idea is for communities to police themselves—officers would live locally and have a relationship with the people they protect. 

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