AI's impact on the movie industry

Futuristic computer graphic of glowing human face

The film industry is grappling with concerns about the future in light of the rapid advancements of AI technology. When questioned about these potential effects, ChatGPT emphasizes how AI can assist humans, making tasks like scriptwriting, special effects, and audience analysis faster and more effective. It highlights that AI is a tool without any sinister plans to take over the world.

Conversely, the perspectives of human interviewees paint a somewhat gloomier picture of the future. Their biggest fear is that their creative work will soon be replaced and go unrecognized. The ability to synthesize voices and digitally alter faces through visual effects is already a reality. In fact, this technology was utilized to de-age Harrison Ford in the latest Indiana Jones movie, and AI has replicated James Earl Jones' iconic Darth Vader voice for the upcoming Star Wars series.

Even though this sounds scary, some industry leaders remain skeptical, believing that AI technology lacks certain human qualities necessary to create an exceptional screenplay. AI is also being compared to other significant revolutions throughout human history, such as the agricultural, industrial, and internet revolutions. It is seen as an inevitable and necessary development for humankind. After all, humans have always demonstrated the ability to adapt, haven't we?

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