Will humans be going to Mars in the 2030s?

The surface of Mars

This conversation lesson is based off a science video about humans going to Mars in the 2030s. Experts say that we are closer to achieving this than ever before. Do you think it's possible or worth the risk?


Before class, watch the short video about humans going to Mars: 



This video has an option for subtitles in English. Click the settings button to activate them.

Warm Up: 

Do you think it's possible to go to Mars without raising the budget? Do you think we should even try? Is exploring space important for us?


Work through the tasks with your teacher:

Language Check:

Is there any language that you didn't understand? Tell your teacher.

  1. Why does Bill Nye say it's possible in 2033 as compared to any other year?
  2. Will NASA be the lead supporter of the International Space Station in the 2030s?

Put these sentences in other words:

  1. "We'd have venture capitalists enabling new technologies to be sold to NASA and other space stations."

Discuss this topic with your teacher. You can talk about your personal opinions or discuss other missions of space exploration.