Do Plants Really Respond to Music?

Flowers on my street in Spain

This short video is about the impact of music on plants. Certain studies have shown that classical music actually helps plants grow. Watch the video and then try to make your own conclusion!


Watch the short video before class (it is only a couple minutes long). Make any notes on any language you don't understand.

Warm Up: 

Have you heard of the impact music has on plants before? Do you have experience with this?

After watching the video, do you think a conclusion can be made about the effect of music on plants?


Work through the tasks with your teacher.

Language check

Do you have any questions about the language used?


What is the video about? Use natural, conversational English, like:  "I saw this interesting video yesterday about..."


Answer these questions:

  1. What methods does the organic wine grower use to help his plants?
  2. What are the results of the experiment conducted by the two German students?

Try to put these sentences in other words:

  • "He is convinced that what helps his grapes grow is a daily dose of the classics."
  • "He even has music composed especially for his plants."

Discuss this topic further with your teacher. Pretend you are having a dinner conversation and want to explain this interesting concept to the people around you.