GCAS Mock Test 3

Papers with visuals

This lesson will give you a chance to practice GCAS skills and strategies you've learned.


Before starting the mock test, set a goal with your teacher.

You can use ideas from the GCAS Strategies course, advice you've been given, or your own ideas.


Part 1: Interview and discussion

Your teacher will ask three questions (4 minutes).

Part 2: Presentation

Your teacher will send you two graphs.

  • Prepare silently (90 seconds).
  • Give a presentation. Explain the situation in detail and offer a solution to a problem (2 minutes).

Part 3: Role-play

Your teacher will send you an information sheet. It will have your role, a business problem, and 3 possible solutions. You may use one or more of the solutions provided or your own ideas.

  • Prepare silently (90 seconds).
  • Propose solutions and defend them (3 minutes).