Business Result Advanced (First Edition)

This book teaches all four main language skills — speaking, listening, reading and writing. It has 12 units covering major business topics. Each unit has five parts:

  • vocabulary, collocations and reading;
  • business communication speaking & listening skills;
  • daily communication skills;
  • grammar review; and
  • a real-world business case study.

You will learn how to manage discussions, conduct internal meetings, report research, give formal presentation, take part in teleconferences, deal with conflict, take part in brainstorming and problem-solving sessions, deal with communication difficulties on the telephone, give impromptu presentations, deal with change management, be persuasive and much more.

This book is recommended for these levels:

800+ 90+ 7.0+

Time to complete

50 時間 / 100 クラス
75 時間 / 150 クラス