Presenting in English

This book teaches techniques for more effective and engaging presentations. It is based on research in business communications. You'll learn how  to use your voice and how to be engaging and persuasive. There will be few new words here, but lots of new things to learn. It will change the way you listen to and learn English forever.

The course covers:

  • Voice and delivery — Learn how to use your voice to create impact and interest, including stress, pausing, intonation, volume and silence.
  • Content — The book covers how to organize and structure your presentations with key words and phrases, and use visuals to support a presentation.
  • Rhetorical technique — This section teaches you how to use effective and powerful techniques to succeed as a presenter in English.
  • Handling Q&A — Question sessions are unpredictable and stressful. You will learn strategies to field different kinds of questions and answer them with confidence.

Time to complete

20 hours / 40 classes
35 hours / 70 classes