What you are graded on in G.B.C.

Make sure you are expressive!

To understand how to perform in the G.B.C. test, it helps to know what the testers are looking and listening for. The test does not only evaluate your English speaking skills in the traditional sense (i.e. grammar, vocabulary etc.), but also tests you on your performance. That is to say, it is not just what you say that is important, but also how you say it.

Three main areas

There are three main areas that are looked at in the G.B.C.:

  1. communication of information—how well you make your point;
  2. delivery—how well you speak; and
  3. language areas—how good your English is.

Let's look at each section individually.

Communication of information

This section of the grade looks at how well you make your argument and how effectively you present your ideas. To score highly here, you need to smoothly link from one idea to the next. Your argument needs to be strong and well-supported with evidence. You should expand on your point, and use logic to develop your ideas.


This part of the grade assesses your skills as a speaker. They judge you for gestures and eye contact. You are expected to be enthusiastic and to speak clearly. You should be confident and avoid saying "Um..." and "Ah..."

Language areas

This is all the usual English skills stuff: listening, grammar, vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation. Half of the grades are given on language areas—it is the main focus of the test.

To understand the details of each aspect of the test, it is recommended that you take our Speaking Test Strategies course.