Saying MY CONDITION is not natural

A woman wearing a mask
She doesn't look like she is feeling well.

You are sick. You have to go to work. Maybe you say to your co-worker or friend, “My condition is not good today.”

Using the word “condition” like this is not natural in English. We usually use "condition" to talk about things, animals and sometimes athletes. For example, you might see an ad for a car for sale: “Sedan. Good condition”. You might read the news about a sprinter: “He’s in good condition right now. We expect him to win the gold.”

It’s much better to say something like this:

  • “I don’t feel well today.”
  • “I am sick today.”

It’s because for English speakers, your ‘condition’ and your body are you. They are the same thing. We don’t see our ‘condition’ as being separate from ourselves. Likewise, we say “I am happy”, not “My mood is happy.”

Next time you feel bad because of a cold, fever or allergies, remember you should not use the word “condition”!