How to use the words MENU and SCHEDULE

What's on the menu?

Do you think you might say something like this: "My favourite menu is miso ramen." What about when you are busy. Would you say something like this? "I have a schedule at 2 p.m."

If the answer is "yes", then you are not alone. A lot of Japanese speakers say things like this.

But these sentences are not correct. It is because the words "menu" and "schedule" are for lists of things, not the items on the list.

That means that in the above two cases you should say:

My favourite dish is miso ramen.

and when talking about your schedule:

I have an appointment at 2 p.m.


Only use the word "menu" when you are talking about all the things that a restaurant or cafe serves:

  • This restaurant has an amazing menu!
  • Do you have anything vegetarian on the menu?
  • Can I have a menu please?


A person only ever has one schedule. It's full or empty when you are busy or free:

  • I have a very busy schedule.
  • Have you got any space in your schedule to meet next week?
  • My schedule is completely full this afternoon. Can we meet tomorrow?