G.B.C. sample answer- What would you change about your job if you could?

In the G.B.C. test, the examiner will almost certainly ask about your job. It’s a relatively easy subject because you don’t have to think of a long story or an abstract answer. You can just talk about what you know.

Sometimes, however, there is a grammar trick you can use. In this case, the question contains a second conditional—"if you could". There’s an extra part to the question here, a chance to answer using all your speaking techniques, but also an opportunity to use some more advanced grammar.

Q: What would you change about your job if you could?

A: Well, first of all, I should say that I really like my job. I teach English online, and I think I am very lucky because I speak to interesting people from all over the world. But I suppose, like everyone, I would change one or two things about my job if I had the chance.

First, I work from home, which can be a problem. I mean that it can be lonely sometimes. I don’t see anyone face-to-face all day, and I don’t leave my house. Consequently, I’d like to have more human contact. If I could do some online lessons and some ‘real-life’ lessons, that would be much better.

Secondly, I don’t work normal hours. For example, I don’t work the same hours as I would if I worked in an office. This is because of the time difference between where I live and where my students live. So I’d prefer to work normal hours so I could finish earlier in the evening, see my friends or just sleep!

To sum up, this is what I’d change if it were possible. If it wasn’t for these two things, I suppose I’d have the perfect job!

I used the standard intro, body and conclusion structure, and in each paragraph of the main body, I used linking words to develop and explain my points.

I also used the second conditional—if I could, I would— as much as possible. Many students find conditionals to be a grammar pattern they can understand but cannot use smoothly under pressure. 

If your G.B.C. test is finished, then now is the time to study more difficult points of English. You could spend time practicing how to confidently use complex sentences. Take a look at our Advanced Grammar In Use textbook, and try a grammar trial lesson in your next class. 

Whether your next G.B.C. test is next week or next year, working on advanced grammar in your model answers is a winning strategy.