G.B.C. sample answer: A future trip

Let’s look at a personal question today. In the G.B.C. test, there are often questions about travel, and it’s a good idea to think about potential places you would like to visit (or places you have been) and the reasons why you are attracted to the place.

Remember enthusiasm is really important, and even if you’re not sure about a place, just use your imagination! Take note that my answer is written in a spoken tone.

Here's the question: If you could choose any location for a future trip, where would you go and why?

Here is my sample answer:

Oh, that’s a great question. I love thinking about future trips! I guess when deciding on a place to visit, the most important factors for me are relaxation, sightseeing and food.

Thailand offers the chance to experience all of these things. There are lots of beaches and resorts where I could indulge in some ‘me time’ and get pampered and relax, and totally escape work life back home. That would be amazing!

There are also some great sightseeing spots. I’d really love to visit the floating markets. I love market shopping generally, and while we do have markets in Japan they’re nothing like the floating ones in Thailand. I’d really love to see the local trade in action!

Also, food is really important to me when travelling. There are lots of Thai restaurants in Japan, but lets’s face it, it’s never quite the same as eating it in the country it’s from. I adore spicy food! Thai food in Japan is never spicy enough for me! It is also cheaper in Thailand, so I’d indulge in hot curries and soups everyday and get my spice fix!

All in all, Thailand meets my needs for a future trip, and I really hope to go there one day soon.

This answers the question giving clear reasons for your choice. It uses enthusiastic language ("amazing!" "great!" "adore!"). There are some idioms (marked in bold): 

me time—meaning spending quality time on yourself.
let’s face it—used before saying something that people might not want to accept, although it is true.
fix—an experience of something which gives you great pleasure, like a drug.
all in all—taking everything into account.

Practice writing your own answer and saying it aloud. Discuss it with your teacher in your next lesson.