Focus on just one topic when you study

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Focus on one thing

Once you have found English that’s understandable and interesting, you should make sure the English you study is focused. 

Focusing on one topic means you will repeat language.

Seeing new words more than once is very important. If you see a new word just one time, will you remember it? Of course not. Studies show you need to see a word at least 10 different times. 

You need to see a word at least 10 different times to remember it.

So, for example, it's better to learn from a TV series like Friends, rather than TED talks. Staying with the same characters over time will give you a strong foundation of English. You will feel confident. On the other hand, if you watch TED talks on different topics from different speakers, you won’t hear much language repeated. So, you will probably forget new words and phrases. If you remember, you won’t get enough examples to really understand. If you do understand, you definitely won't get enough examples to feel confident enough to use the new language.

The English you study must also be plentiful. There should be more than enough.

Speaking strategies 

You should focus on a lot of the same English in conversation. Successful learners ask the same questions in conversation with different people.

In your lessons at The English Farm, you can ask different teachers about the same topic. For instance, if you like pop music, you might ask, “Do you listen to pop music?" If they do, ask, "What kind?” If you ask 10 teachers about music, you'll gain confidence in that area of conversation.

Reading strategies

You should read a book. Penguin has many books for English learners

For example, the book Sprint. It’s 128 pages. So, if you feel it is easy and interesting, and if you can read 4 pages a day, you'll finish in about a month. During this time, you can discuss topics with your teacher. At the end of the month, you’ll have a clear understanding—in English—about sprints and agile design. 

For more strategies, ask your teacher.

Do this lesson to get a clear understanding of finding the right material in English.