The English Farm is an online school specialising in one-to-one English lessons with experienced, professional English teachers. Classes are short for maximum flexibility — just 25 minutes each. You can take classes any time of day, and book as many classes as you like. We use Skype to do our lessons, and teach you with a combination of carefully chosen textbooks on a wide-range of topics and our own original lesson content based on current events and up-to-date topics. There are no enrollment fees or other course costs. Just pay for your book and the lessons you take.

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Our System

Just use our website to reserve a lesson at a time that suits you. The English Farm has teachers around the world, so we are never closed. Lessons are just 25 minutes, so you can book just one lesson when you are busy, or more classes if you have the time. When it’s time for your lesson, we will call you on Skype. After the lesson, we create a lesson report for you, including all the new words and phrases you learned, plus pronuniciation advice, a personalised audio recording for you to study later, and plenty of feedback to help you improve your English fast. Your next teacher will pick up exactly where you left off, so you never waste precious class time.

Our Teachers

At some English schools, the teachers are inexperienced university students. At some English schools, the only qualification the teacher has is being a native speaker. Our teachers are all trained, experienced professionals. We have worked in all kinds of industries and have taught all kinds of students. We have all lived and worked in Japan. We all know each other, and we have all worked together for years. You can be sure you will get high-quality lessons from our teachers.

Our Prices

Our lessons cost ¥2,500 for 25 minutes. We keep our costs low so that we can spend almost all of your lesson fees on our teachers. That means you get the highest quality teaching possible for an affordable price. If you are busy and can’t predict how much you will be able to study, you can pay-as-you-go. Or you can buy lessons in bulk and save. Either way, our courses have no time limits, so there is no pressure to finish or risk of wasting your money.

Our Courses

We have two kinds of courses: textbook courses and guided conversation lessons. We write our own guided conversation lessons, and they are all available free online. We want to teach you how to speak about and understand the issues of the day. You can learn English and about the world and global issues at the same time.Our textbook courses are in grammar, business English, pronunciation and more. The textbooks are inexpensive and carefully chosen. The books give you structure and complete coverage in your chosen topic. You are also free to pick a textbook course and then mix in guided conversation classes for variety and interest.

Take a Free Trial

If you still have questions about The English Farm, you can contact us. We’ll answer any questions you have about us and our system. If you are ready, join now and book your free trial with one of our teachers. We’ll talk to you about what you need, and you can experience one of our lessons. We'll also give you a free English skills assessment.