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Our People

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Kiyoko was born and raised in Tokyo. She worked for several leading global IT companies including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft, and was responsible for PR and business development. She was involved in the keyword ad service from its early stage, and closed many deals with both Japanese and multi-national corporations.

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After a year in marketing at a TV company and a few years of working in hotels, Matthew graduated from Auckland University in 2003 with an honours degree in economics with first class honours. In 2004, he moved to Tokyo where he taught English for Gaba for four years. He then founded Poligo — an English correction service specifically for Japanese people learning and working with English. The English Farm is his latest project. From 2011 to 2016, Matthew lived in Brazil. He's now based in Auckland, NZ.

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Tsuneo started working for IBM Japan in 1982, then moved to Microsoft in 1993 to work on the Japanese Windows 95 project at its HQ in Redmond, WA. After leading several Windows projects in the US and Japan, he entered the internet service development world in 2000. In his last 3 years in Microsoft, he worked on the Microsoft search engine project (Bing) to improve its international relevance. Tsuneo is now the CEO of Allegretto Inc. in Tokyo which helps internet start-ups with all aspects of their business.