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  • At Toyota, few employees are assigned to work overseas within two years of starting. Thanks to The English Farm, I have been assigned to work in Europe just two years out of university!
  • Learning English with The English Farm is a lot of fun and helpful. I always get a lot of advice to improve my English. Moreover, lesson times are flexible, so I can have a lesson any time—even if I am very busy.
  • I am a lazy person, but the fun lessons encourage me to keep studying English! Plus you can save money! Please just try a lesson! The quality of the lessons on The English Farm is amazing, I promise!
  • In addition to the lesson program, I enjoy conversation and discussion with The English Farm teachers, who have a lot of rich experiences in several countries and the business world. I can learn a global point of view and about a wide range of topics including the business field.
  • Through kind and careful instruction on The English Farm, I have grown to like English, and now I am studying to reach new goals!


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