(Look) on the bright side

A bright ray of sunlight on a cloudy day

If you are faced with a difficult or unfortunate situation, you can either focus on the negative aspects or you can be optimistic and look on the bright side. If you look on the bright side, you try to find positive or advantageous points about an otherwise negative scenario. We use this expression to refer to something that might offer hope or encouragement during a difficult time.

Silver Lining

We use the term silver lining to emphasize hope or optimism about a negative situation. If you’re faced with an upsetting situation but you’re able to find something positive about it, then you’ve found the silver lining.

We often use this expression to convey optimism and to comfort someone during a difficult time. It can be used as a reassuring reminder that even the most unfortunate situations have a positive aspect. For example:

Take it easy

If you relaxed over the weekend, then you took it easy. We use the expression "take it easy" in two ways. First, you can use it to say that you relaxed and did not do any difficult or tiring activities. Second, you can use it to say that you remained calm or avoided situations that could have caused stress or anger. "Take it easy" can be conjugated in the past, present, and future.