Freedom of the press in Minecraft

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has created the Minecraft world, "Uncensored Library", to make censored journalism available to all. The library contains hundreds of articles by journalists around the world that have been banned in their own countries.

According to RSF, nearly half the world still has no access to a free press. In many countries, journalists are imprisoned for speaking critically of the government. In other places, just a few media organizations control the publication of information. Under these conditions, propaganda easily takes the place of news. But for democracy to work, people must know the truth.

It's simple to download the free map and enter the library. The link is censorship protected, so it can't be destroyed. As long as a person can access Minecraft, they can use the library. There are "rooms" of articles from specific countries, presented in the original language so citizens can read what has been kept from them. There is also a rotunda of "books" with brief examinations of a country's current and historical attitude towards the press. More countries are being added all the time.

Over 20 million gamers have visited the library since it launched in March 2020. Since gamers as young as 7 years old can play Minecraft, RSF hopes to engage a new generation on the issues of journalistic freedom. They want to empower young people to "stand up for their right to information and give them a powerful tool to fight oppressive leaders: knowledge."

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