Orientation Express 1 Directing your lesson: Practical English

Man's hands on the steering wheel of a car
Who steers the lesson?

Get the most out of your English Farm classes. Work with your teacher to direct your lesson by using useful phrases. You'll also start using the homework system.


Let's discuss what to study. There are 4 rules for good study material.

  1. It's understandable.
  2. It's interesting.
  3. It's focused.
  4. There's plenty of it. 
Warm Up: 

Your teacher has a question for you.


In your lessons, guide your teacher to make the course understandable.

A. Polite requests

This is a short exercise from Speakout, a general English course.

Finish each request from the table above.

  1. ...speaking a little slower? 
  2. ...what time the lesson ends?
  3. ...what that word means?
  4. ...say that again?
  5. ...give me some advice?

Now, respond quickly to your teacher.

B. Understanding vs. Using

    Let's talk about learning.

    This chart shows the steps to learning. Discuss it with your teacher.

    1. Look at the polite requests table. Think about it using these steps to learning. Choose one phrase you don't use naturally yet.
    2. Practice the phrase with your teacher. The practice must be interesting and focused.

    Directing your learning

    Try this exercise with your teacher.

    Discuss the 4 rules for good study material.

    Could you make the exercise better?


    This lesson was about directing other people to help you learn English. You looked at polite phrases from a general English textbook.

    Are you able to direct others politely in English?

    Discuss how this kind of course would meet your English needs.


    Use The English Farm's homework system by clicking the DO HOMEWORK button on your homepage. 

    Write three polite requests you could use at work.