First lesson: Goals and introductions

In this first lesson with The English Farm, you will introduce yourself and set goals for your English learning. You will also get to know the homework and reservation systems.


Think about your language learning journey and discuss these questions with your teacher:

  • When did you start learning English? 
  • Is learning English difficult for you? Why or why not? 
Warm Up: 

Read the following text with your teacher. 

1. People learn best when they learn together.
2. People learn best when they try things that are challenging, but not impossible.
3. Trying things that are challenging can help build confidence. (Trying things that are impossible can lower confidence.)
4. People learn the most when they have a reason to learn. 

What will learning English enable you to do? How will you reach that goal?


Making requests

How do you ask your teacher, or another English speaker, to say something more clearly?

"Can (Could) you..." is a polite way to request something. It takes a base verb

  • (Can/Could) you repeat that, please? 
  • (Can/Could) you say that more slowly?

A. Ask your teacher the following question:

Can you tell me about yourself? 

Do you understand everything in their answer? 

B. Politely ask your teacher to repeat their introduction. If you need them to slow down, just ask! 

C. Do you have any other requests for your teacher? 


Introducing yourself

Now introduce yourself to your teacher. Even if you think you can’t answer well, say what you can and do your best! It's okay to make mistakes.


1. Complete your profile in English, and upload a picture of yourself.

2. Your teacher will send you a lesson record with some homework. Read the lesson record and try out the homework system. You will write an answer to this question:

What do you want to learn at The English Farm? What are your goals?