Expert interviews 3 Follow-up questions

Two people having a discussion

In this lesson, we will practice focusing on a topic and asking for more detail on it using follow-up questions. This is essential if you need to get more information from an expert.


When you need to go into more detail about a topic, it is important to ask smooth follow-up questions.

Warm Up: 

Imagine your coworker says, "There was a big argument in the meeting yesterday! One of the people there got angry, and when he left the room, he slammed the door!"

What would you ask your coworker?

Next imagine a different situation. Your client says, "Sales this quarter are lower than projected, but they are still higher than sales from last quarter."

What kind of follow-up questions would you ask your client?


These are popular ways of asking follow-up questions. You'll notice it's similar to the questions in the last lesson asking questions. We can use “a little more”, “a bit more” and “about ___ in more detail.”

  • Can you tell me a little more about ___?
  • Would you mind telling me a bit more about ___?
  • Could you tell me about ___ in a bit more detail?

You can state what you want to know.

  • I’d like to know a bit more about ____.
  • I’m wondering if something happened in the meeting.
  • I was just wondering if you knew what happened in the meeting.

Next, look at these pieces of news. What kind of questions can you ask? Choose one point and ask some follow-up questions about it.

  1. The head of Japan's Olympic Committee defends his payment to a consulting firm.
  2. Shikoku’s "path less traveled" is busier than ever. A route stretching across Shikoku, one of Japan’s four main islands, has recently been attracting more non-Japanese visitors with various cultural and religious backgrounds.
  3. Bridgestone looks to sell business in crisis-staggered Venezuela after 62 years.