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G.B.C. test

This is a relatively simple G.B.C. question. It is often asked in the beginning of the test as a warm up, so take the opportunity to show off the best of your English.

Interview tests like the G.B.C. are meant to measure a variety of English skills, including the ability to communicate with friends or colleagues.

In the G.B.C. test, there are often abstract questions that can cause difficulties, because you have to think very quickly about a topic you may never have considered before. In other words, expect the unexpected!

Man using body language for emphasis

One very easy way to make your spoken English more effective is to use emphatic phrases. Apart from making your ideas and opinions stronger, they also impress GBC interviewers!

Actually, why not say that last sentence like this:

white-hairs.jpg, grandma, forgetful
‘Examiners are stupid, blind, and forgetful. So, explain every detail.’

Let’s look at a personal question today. In the G.B.C. test, there are often questions about travel, and it’s a good idea to think about potential places you would like to visit (or places you have been) and the reasons why you are attracted to the place.

Spring blossoms in Kyoto

Here, we are going to look at a very common question which usually comes up at the start of a GBC interview. Of course, the answer to questions about Japanese cultural experiences is a very subjective one. I'm sure all of you will have his or her own answer.

Speaking tests are a performance

You have to show your skills. To score well, you need high-level English skills and the mental ability to perform effectively under pressure. This post will help you win the mental game before and during your test.

Here is a question that you can bet will keep coming up for the next four years: What do you think about the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020?

Hometowns can be inspiring or depressing

Today I want to look at a very common question in the G.B.C. interview. It is surprising how many respondents, when asked about the place where they grew up, have very little to say.


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