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Take a free lesson

You can take a free 25 minute lesson with The English Farm to try our service. We will also give you an easy-to-understand skills assessment, which will show you your strengths and weaknesses, and advice on how you can improve your English skills. We will also help you choose a course to study with us.

It's easy to start

Tell us about yourself so we can understand your goals. It only takes a few minutes.

2Set up
Download and install Skype for free. Contact us if you need help!

Try a 25-minute class and get a free English skills assessment.

Your skills assessment

Your skills assessment will look like this:

We'll evaluate many different aspects of your verbal communication skills so you know what you need to improve. Your teacher will give you lots of clear feedback and advice based on your situation to help you best improve your English.

Join and try a lesson

To take your free lesson, just join now and you will get a free lesson point. Use that free point to book a lesson with one of our English teachers. If you are not sure how to use the booking system, or you have other questions, contact us and we can help you.

Good luck! We’re looking forward to helping you.