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One-on-one English classes for busy professionals.

Professional standards

Our teachers are all experienced professionals and native speakers who focus on your needs to give you the most organized and efficient English-learning experience. Our responsive support team will ensure you maximize your time and get the most from your classes.

Structured learning

We take teaching seriously. And learning a language correctly is a complex process. Our system is organized for maximum impact and efficiency. Our teachers will give you lots of great, personalised feedback every lesson to develop your English more effectively.

Flexible system

Learn any time of day from wherever you want. Our price plans are flexible and so is our schedule. Lessons are only 25 minutes, so you can fit them into your busy day. If you have more time, you can book extra sessions. You can also choose what you want to study from our great range of courses.

About us

The English Farm is an online school specialising in business English. Professional English teachers teach 25-minute lessons on Skype. Our lesson materials are carefully chosen textbooks from leading publishers and cover a wide range of levels and needs.

Our staff

The English Farm is a group of experienced English teachersIT people and an educational writer. We are New Zealanders, Japanese, Canadians, Americans and Australians. Our teachers are all pros, and have a broad range of work and teaching experience.

How to start

First join The English Farm. You'll need to give us a little information so we know how to help you. You'll get a free lesson point when you join to schedule a trial class. We'll assess your English skills too. If you have any questions, send us a message.


Lessons cost ¥2,500 for 25 minutes or less if you buy a package. Textbooks cost ¥3,000 – ¥5,000 depending on the course you choose. Our system is flexible and your lesson points never expire. Start any time, take lessons when it suits you or take a break if you need one.

Meet our professional teachers

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Our courses

A general business English course for all levels. Learn the skills you need for global business.

Our business conversation classes cover news, politics, economics and more. Learn about the world of business in English.

Courses perfect for developing your ability in specific areas important to your work.

Intermediate and advanced courses in general business vocabulary. Essential for all professionals.

Practice questions and learn strategies to get your best possible G.B.C. score

General English and conversation courses to help you express yourself and prepare for English exams.

Master English grammar from the beginner to advanced level. Ideal for test-takers and those with high goals.

Doing a job interview in English? We'll help you prepare to do your best.

Avoid logical mistakes to make stronger arguments in work, tests and conversations.

Special advanced courses to focus on your business area: IT, finance or the law.

A must for every student. Perfect your accent and your delivery with one-on-one feedback.

Preparing for an English test? Practice for the test & develop your strategy for higher scores.

Student feedback


"I am a lazy person, but the fun lessons encourage me to keep studying English! Plus you can save money! Please just try a lesson! The quality of the lessons on The English Farm is amazing, I promise!"


Working overseas

"At Toyota, few employees are assigned to work overseas within two years of starting. Thanks to The English Farm, I have been assigned to work in Europe just two years out of university!"


Fun and helpful

"Learning English with The English Farm is a lot of fun and helpful. I always get a lot of advice to improve my English. Moreover, lesson times are flexible, so I can have a lesson any time—even if I am very busy."


Fresh on the blog

Here is a question that you can bet will keep coming up for the next four years: What do you think about the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020?

Hometowns can be inspiring or depressing

Today I want to look at a very common question in the GBC interview. It is surprising how many respondents, when asked about the place where they grew up, have very little to say.

Legalisation of casinos in Japan

This time, we're going to look at a hot potato* that has caused a lot of heated discussion in Japan.

The question we're going to deal with is: What do you think of the legalization of casinos in Japan?

Here is my sample answer:

This question has been asked in a lot of recent GBC tests, and has actually been discussed in a lot of newspapers around the world recently. It is a timely topic, and well worth preparing an answer.

Japanese students in class

This time, we're going to consider a GBC question about you. As we have mentioned before, personal questions should, in theory, be the easiest to answer. However, because they are considered easy questions, it is important that you have a really good answer prepared.

Fresh lessons

This lesson will focus on a very challenging part of English pronunciation, /l/ and /r/. These sounds take time and energy to perfect.

This lesson is aimed at quickly improving pronunciation. It will focus on three sounds that don't appear in the Japanese alphabet, but most people can start to make them relatively quickly.

This class will discuss pros and cons, consider strong statements, and look at the gray area that exists between two extreme points of view.

A common misconception is that Europe is becoming more and more dangerous because of an apparent increase in terrorist attacks. In fact, Europe in the 1970s was much more dangerous.

In this lesson we'll discuss nature and traditions, and decide what role they should play in logical decision making.