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One on one English classes with professional teachers.

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Book one-on-one classes with professional teachers, bilinguals and native speakers using our site. We will teach you from carefully chosen textbooks, or if you prefer with guided conversation lessons using our own original material based on current events and up-to-date topics. After the class, you'll get plenty of feedback from your teacher to review and personalised advice to help you improve.

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Our Teachers

Our teachers are all experienced professionals, bilinguals and native speakers who have a wonderful range of professional and personal experiences that help to enrich your classes. We take teaching seriously and make sure your English is correct and natural. We will start by understanding your needs and situation, and we will always do as you request to ensure that you get the best value from your classes without wasting your time.

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The English Farm has a wide range of courses available to suit every need. We use these books to give you a comprehensive and structured course that will teach you everything you need to learn. Our books are carefully chosen from the best publishers in the world, so you can be sure of the quality. Using a book also means that each and every English Farm teacher can pick up where the last class finished, so your lessons go smoothly and you don't waste class time.

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Our prices are reasonable and our system is flexible. There is no expiry date on your course, so if you get busy, you can take a break. You never have to worry about losing points or wasting money. There are no joining fees or hidden costs. You just pay for your classes and a book. The textbooks are easy to find and you can buy them directly. If you want, you can shop around to find a bargain!


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Join The English Farm and we will give you a free lesson point. Use that point to book a class with one of our teachers and try our service. We'll also give you a free assessment and English skills report. You can try us risk-free and see if The English Farm is for you.

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Professional standards

Our teachers are all experienced professionals and native speakers who focus on your needs to give you the most organized and efficient English-learning experience. Our responsive support team will ensure you maximize your time and get the most from your classes.

Structured learning

We take teaching seriously. And learning a language correctly is a complex process. Our system is organized for maximum impact and efficiency. Our teachers will give you lots of great, personalised feedback every lesson to develop your English more effectively.

Flexible system

Learn any time of day from wherever you want. Our price plans are flexible and so is our schedule. Lessons are only 25 minutes, so you can fit them into your busy day. If you have more time, you can book extra sessions. You can also choose what you want to study from our great range of courses.

About us

The English Farm is an online school specialising in business English. Professional English teachers teach 25-minute lessons on Skype. Our lesson materials are carefully chosen textbooks from leading publishers and cover a wide range of levels and needs.

Our staff

The English Farm is a group of experienced English teachersIT people and an educational writer. We are New Zealanders, Japanese, Canadians, Americans and Australians. Our teachers are all pros, and have a broad range of work and teaching experience.

How to start

First join The English Farm. You'll need to give us a little information so we know how to help you. You'll get a free lesson point when you join to schedule a trial class. We'll assess your English skills too. If you have any questions, send us a message.


Lessons cost ¥1,970 for 25 minutes or less if you buy a package. Textbooks cost ¥3,000 – ¥5,000 depending on the course you choose. Our system is flexible and your lesson points never expire. Start any time, take lessons when it suits you or take a break if you need one.

Our courses

A general business English course for all levels. Learn the skills you need for global business.

COMING SOON Courses perfect for developing your ability in specific areas important to your work.

Intermediate and advanced courses in general business vocabulary. Essential for all professionals.

General English and conversation courses to help you express yourself and prepare for English exams.

Master English grammar from the beginner to advanced level. Ideal for test-takers and those with high goals.

Special advanced courses to focus on your business area: IT, finance or the law.

A must for every student. Perfect your accent and your delivery with one-on-one feedback.

Student feedback

Kind and careful

"Through kind and careful instruction on The English Farm, I have grown to like English, and now I am studying to reach new goals!"

University professor


"I am a lazy person, but the fun lessons encourage me to keep studying English! Plus you can save money! Please just try a lesson! The quality of the lessons on The English Farm is amazing, I promise!"


A global view

"In addition to the lesson program, I enjoy conversation and discussion with The English Farm teachers, who have a lot of rich experience in several countries and the business world. I can learn a global point of view and about a wide range of topics including the business field."


Fresh from the blog

Two men asleep on the train

I teach a lot of businesspeople. They often tell me that they have to “overwork”. What they mean is “do overtime”.

“Overwork” is best translated in Japanese as 「過労」. “Overtime” is 「残業」.

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All languages borrow words from other languages. The Japanese language uses a lot of phrases and words from English and other languages. Many times they are changed in their meaning or usage. That means that when you use these words in English, you should be careful.

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You are sick. You have to go to work. Maybe you say to your co-worker or friend, “My condition is not good today.”